What is World Trade Connects?

WTC is a new way for global businesses to
Connect.Grow Relationships.Do Business.Expand Trade.

The Global Opportunity

Countries That Trade



These countries and their businesses may want to import and export your goods and services.

Small & Medium Businesses (SMEs)



SMEs make the largest impact on any country's GDP and drive more net jobs in their local economies.

The US Imports



As the world's #1 importer, the U.S. presents unparalleled opportunities for your business to sell goods and services.

Power Your Organization Mission

Switch-On Unlimited Possibilities Without Limits…

Connect your domestic trade ecosystem globally - WTC gives trade organizations, individual Countries, NGOs, Government Agencies and stakeholders, access, visibility, and control to guide and develop scalable global trade.
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  • Drive Learning Content & Events
  • Link Capacity Building Partners
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  • Synchronize Mentors & Coaches
  • Real-time Opportunities Alerts
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US Trade Connect

Media & News

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